Race & Trail Updates

2/3/2022 Trail Update 

Happy Thursday of White Pine Week! The warm temperatures on Tuesday thinned out our trail in several spots. The cold temperatures the following day made the trail very hard in some areas as well.  The trail does not have any locations that are dirt, but a few areas have some dirty snow on the surface do to the weather on Tuesday. Due to the thinness and hardness in some areas, the classic track will be very thin. With a little luck, we will get a few inches of snow on Friday that will help with grooming. Overall, we still have a good trail for all three races and our trail crew will be working on any areas that may need improvement for Saturday!

2/1/2022 Trail Update

Happy Tuesday of White Pine Week! Today is a big weather day for Michigan as we will temperatures get close to 40 degrees today. The good news, today is supposed to be windy and keep the snow surface temperature lower than freezing. The wind will also blow some snow onto our packed trail and give us a little boost of snow heading into the final grooming on Friday night. After skiing most of the trial on Sunday night, our thin base is still holding strong with no bare spots. We have a few small berry bushes sticking up that will be taken care of on Friday when we mark, trim, and have our final grooming. Overall, I could not be happier with the trail conditions after the late snow this year and the work put in the last few weeks by Shanty Creek. Remember, tonight at midnight is the last opportunity to register online. You can still register at Mancelona High School the day before and on race day! 

1/28/2022 Trail Update

It’s another great morning in Northern Michigan! Mancelona and Bellaire have received 15+ inches of snow over the past week and our course is getting better everyday. The base is still a little thin around 4″ but is plenty deep to insure the ground will be covered with no twigs or dirt and a classic track can be set! The extended forecast is calling for an additional 4+ inches of snow by next Saturday. Race day temps have changed a little since the last post and is looking like mid to high teens. 

Today is also a big day as the groomer will make its way from Shanty Creek to Mancelona High School for the first time this season, instead of the snowmobile roller. Two weeks ago we were all worried about snow levels, but as of today, we are ready to rock and roll for the 46th annual White Pine Stampede!! 

1/24/2022 Trail Update

It’s a great morning in Northern Michigan! Sorry for the late trail update as we did not receive very much snow for a trail report on Friday, but old man winter decided to show up this weekend! Mancelona and Bellaire saw 6″ – 10″ of fresh snow on Saturday with an expected 6+” expected by Wednesday this week. The snow is a little fluffy but we have a few sunny days yet to come to help bind the snow. The groomer will be out this week to start our packing process for next week’s race and we should have a few photos to share. Overall, it was a great weekend for snow and the extended forecast looks like low 20’s for race day. 

1/18/2022 Trail Update 

It’s Snowing! Today starts a 3 day stretch of 1-3 inches of snow each day. The private property trails will all be rolled this week and Shanty Creek will continue rolling their ski trails. We still are a little thin on snow to start use the tiller but with the snow this week, and more days planned over the next two weeks, we should be good to go on race day. Next update will be on Friday!!

1/14/2022 Trail Update 

Snow conditions are improving but at a slow rate this January. The little warm-up we had the last few days, mixed with some freezing drizzle, have made a nice base. We now need snow on top of this to create a nice trail. Like many places in Northern Michigan, our snow levels are not were they usually are this time of the year. The extended forecast is calling for snow, but only a few inches at a time. With three full weeks left until race day, these few inches will help solidify a thin but snow covered course. Trail updates will be available every other day until Saturday, February 5. 

1/14/2022 Race Update

Since our last non-virtual race in 2020, we’ve been forced to change our course several times. This year, the White Pine Stampede will still offer distances of 10k, 20k, and 30k. The 50k course was the biggest change with new property owners and therefore will be reduced to a 30k. The new trail map can be viewed under the “race map” tab. We hope to reinvent the long course for the 2023 White Pine and offer a full 50k course. In addition to these changes, all finish lines will be at Schuss Nordic Shop this year. (This is traditionally the 10k finish) Transportation will be available to Mancelona Public Schools or Shanty Creek Resort for the Short’s Brewery Skier Party and Awards.   Please note the start times for the 2022 WPS as follows: 30k 10:00 AM, 20k 10:30 AM, 10k 11:30 AM. 
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